Corporate Profile

Healthcord Cryogenics Corporation

Healthcord is a Canadian biotechnology company specializing in the collection, processing, diagnostic evaluation, and cryopreservation of stem cells for potential therapeutic use. Healthcord leverages biomedical developments within the scientific community as well as performing validations and improvements for the benefit of the client while avoiding any high-risk, non-patient related undertakings that will not directly benefit the patient.


Healthcord aims to:

  • Provide the highest quality blood and tissue product preparation and cryopreservation services worldwide to our clients in Canada and internationally.
  • Use the latest and most reliable equipment and methods to process and store blood and tissue products for our clients.
  • Evolve or expand our services and technologies to incorporate the latest progress in the medical and scientific fields into our company for the benefit of our clients.


The ongoing developments in biotechnology, and specifically in stem cell research, point to a direction, possibly in five or ten years, where the applications of stem cells will expand rapidly to encompass many of the currently untreatable, but devastating diseases that afflicts much of our population. Such diseases include heart-attacks, strokes, diabetes, Parkinsons Disease, spinal cord injury, among others. As we move into this exciting new phase of medical progress, Healthcord feels that it is important for families to have the option of banking their child’s cord blood as an investment in the future of their child’s health.